I borrow this title and concept from Scott B. What things in your life demand undivided attention? Whatever they could be, they define us. The history says it all, wise and happy people (Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Gandhi and Jamshedji Tata many others) have found ways to avoid situations that demand divided attention. They have invested their attention wisely to convert the experience (good or bad) into the meaningful and magical at times. They also depicts how to choose active life (feeling, contributing, thinking) over passive life (consuming, waiting and watching), as time is an finite resource. I am no one to advice on your selection, lets not blame others for where our time, and attention was given.

It’s true that our sense are designed to focus our attention on what matters for our survival. The art of ignoring the not required data and assimilating the needed makes us successful. Great achievers (Sachin Tendulkar, Cricketer), (Gandhi, Leader) and others tells us how they consistently perform at high levels and they will also tell us about their focus and the discipline of concentrating their attention to achieve the feat. I was also amazed to see the drill done in Army camp for the Jawans to bring focus, consistency and bring the right attention. The last 50 years we have created or designed things purposefully to attract attention. I recall a friend of mine, asking me each day in college – How am I looking today? I used to smile and say, ‘You are always best’. Many commercial ads, websites, costumes etc take undue advantage of limited means of sense. We know that sexy, jazzy, gaudy grab our attention and this temptation is difficult to resist. Millions of money is spent researching strategies for advertisements to get each other’s attention. Unfortunately the golden age of leisure time is seems to be lost, because somehow we have fallen into a place where time gained from innovations falls away like sand between our hands, phones and keyboards.
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