When I was young I used to visit Bombay (now known as Mumbai) quite often and have seen people busy traveling, busy waiting for a train, busy walking, busy to reach office and busy to earn money. I felt busy people might be very important, otherwise why would they be so busy? In other words, busy mattered a lot over lazy ones. This is perhaps the cult of busy, by always involved in something, we assume the person must be important or achiever. This is perhaps applicable to some section of society. Who are other section of society?

The other section of society is one’s showcase that, by being busy – others would bother them less, and indication of doing well. It’s quite a trick. Don’t you think the opposite might be true? As time is the singular measure of life and we all get the same number of hours. A skill of spending time effectively perhaps to be mattered. For example, a person getting things done in 1-2 hours seems less busy than the person spending hours. The results (performance) mattered a lot than number of hours spent in achieving a task.

‘Rockstar’ movie depicts that being in demand can have good and bad causes. It’s quite common to see a line of people waiting to meet (and talk) our politician outside their office door seems busy, and therefore important. I don’t say to save time by cutting corners because, when exactly are you using the all that time you’ve saved? Time doesn’t work that way. We all agree the time savings goes in visiting mall (window shopping), movie halls, gossip, Soap serials (T.V.).

As I a student and professional, I don’t like the phrase ‘I am busy and don’t have time’. As we all get equal amount of time every day. As its not the quantity of time, its priority or importance. Let’s assume – I get some diseases (cancer), I’m sure to find time to visit doctor until it is cured. Where did this time magically come from? The earlier plan for tasks will now become less important. It reminds more of Jimmy Shergill’s character from ‘Munnabhai MBBS’, also subtly mentioned in the film and Vinay Pathak ‘Dasvidaniya’. If someone says ‘I don’t have time’, perhaps two conclusions drawn -
1. The tasks is not important enough to earn busy people time
2. A polite reminder that they’re not worthy.

Do we then say, busy people are time poor? Are they time debt? or Are they trying to do many things?

I enjoyed the company of my mother always. She made an attempt to meet close relatives, acquaintance and made new friends over a period of time. I could see a sense of satisfaction in making relations grow, she was time rich. She taught me to give surplus times of mine to others, perhaps sign or mastery, not incompetence.

I was saying ‘The Netherlands’ a destiny for ‘Free Thinkers’, I learn’t to say ‘Not Yes’ to everything. Because saying yes to everything will make me busy and less effective in achieving my goals. I like the way one of colleague Krithika Santosh says, ‘Walking alone during sometime in a day is only the time I have for myself’. I definitely agree to her view, something similar ways best thinkers had some of their best thoughts. This a great ability to pause, reflect and relax, to let the mind wander. Once the mind returns it is sharper, effective and output will be larger.

Courtesy: Scott B

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