We are chained to a post, in which mind is chained to some assumptions, philosophy, religion or any idea. The chain and the motivators using or framing these chain’s need to be questioned. Kaminey movie depicts the way Shahid Kapur (Charlie) confines his mind to a singular way of thinking and perhaps cannot be good. It’s quite appealing to many to us to follow a trend in communities, families, schools to blindly adopt without question. These aren’t evil in it, but it does not make us free thinker.

Lets see, ‘Why I say so?’ Traditional education system mostly teach us to memorize, reproduce and forget (many a times) by applying other people theories. How does this train us for other than performing these thoughtless behaviors in our lives? There are many things are considered as taboo in our societies, violation of traditions, are banned without teachers, leaders, parents, peers without understanding why.

‘Why cigarette and alcohol is legal, but marijuana criminal?’
‘Why being seen in underwear or nude embrassing, but are accepted with some amount of cloth?’

I call it as ‘Khala Ghoda’ (Black Horse) thinking and its accepted because someone said it. I am still in Scott B writing and he says, ‘Wisdon demands two questions: why do we believe what we believe? How do we know what we know?’ A free thinking perhaps have to brought up in schools, colleges, offices and at homes. I have seen parents embrassing the child: ‘Don’t ask, too many ‘why’ questions’. It’s good to admit fact of ignorance, and asking more questions. Questions will help us discover the ideas that bind us. We see some of the great thinkers (Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi, Nehru, Buddha, Ambedkar) had the ability to acknowledge, listen, understand and disapprove their assumptions. This lead to hunger for ideas, wiser view and opinions, and better faith. They broke the chain of wrong belief they had at all occasions.

When I first ate my food along (Un-Dutchables and Dutch) at a restaurant in a town of ‘The Netherlands’, one of colleague asked me, ‘Don’t you not like to use spoon or fork?’ I didn’t see Dutch people having an issue with my style of eating. Shouldn’t I do what I please? In a similar situation at a family wedding, I was warned for using left hand to serve a dish. Travel across the different countries taught me a set of rules are defined they are termed ‘Cultural Sensitivity’. I think many a times,’How trivial are these?’

Stay tuned to read why I said, ‘The Netherlands’ a destiny for ‘Free Thinker’?

  1. Krithika S says:

    I think, some rules, if seen as conventions dont bother us. Otherwise, even electrical current should not have been running against the direction of movement of electrons! I mean that’s why it is called ‘conventional current’.

  2. Randolph Picketts says:

    You completed a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found mainly people will go along with with your blog.

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