Loratis welcome you for the year 2012!We hope this year gives you a good career growth and keeps you in pink health. We bring you series on ‘Communication Skills and Body Language’ for Jan 2012. Here I present the first article on this topic. I am continued to ask, ‘How do I improve Spoken Communication […]

History has witnessed 20th and 21st century to be most technologically advanced century, also had the most bloodshed. This doesn’t refer saying the former has caused the later, unfortunately it didn’t prevent it. We also see that many information leaked through web are misleading. Does the new technology guarantee nothing? When I ask this questions, […]

I cover an important module in my presentation on ‘Questioning Techniques’. As we know that information available today is easy accessible, cheap and many a times worthless because not questioning the information itself. There were many headlines carrying talking about unemployment rate hit and no hiring in Nov 2011 (specific to U.S.A), a man bite […]

I ask this questions to quite a number of students during informal talks, Do you want to be popular or good or both? I often see a big pause or confusion hovering over their mind. Yes, definitely this confusion exists among many of us. There is an article at rediff(dot)com about ‘The Best (Good) Bollywood […]

I have some interesting observations about the world (life) is not going well and perhaps it applies to anyone. There are ample times, we have said to ourselves – ‘Why this happens only to me?’Oh God! ‘Why people don’t listen or understand me?’ 1. People don’t listen: As Francois La Rochefoucauld says, “The reason why […]

We are chained to a post, in which mind is chained to some assumptions, philosophy, religion or any idea. The chain and the motivators using or framing these chain’s need to be questioned. Kaminey movie depicts the way Shahid Kapur (Charlie) confines his mind to a singular way of thinking and perhaps cannot be good. […]