It’s is said that among the most important skills in marketing is ‘Communication and Promotion’. Perhaps these words are too broader and they get communicated, whether desired or not. It gets communicated via business attire, catalog, companies office, employers body language – all says (impression) and speak about communication. This shows the growing interest in ‘Integrated Marketing Communication’. Companies need to consistently work on brand image and promise to its audience. An another important part of communication is ‘Promotions’. It carries companies message to simulate awareness of, interest in and purchase of various products and services.

Companies use -
a. Advertising
b. Sales promotion
c. Sales people
d. PR
to pass on the message to their targeted customer to catch the attention and interest. This might sound that, promotion has become easier with latest technology such as print, electronic information and broadcast. Unfortunately, more webpage (>2 billion pages), magazines (>18K), books (>60K), methods to overcome emails and unsolicited mails or calls. It is observed that in order to catch attention, the companies have to spend more money in marketing than product making. This is certainly with many products of soft drinks, perfumes and others. As a result, marketer need to close watch about the target market allocate their attention time. Some of the tactics used by marketers are coupons, high profile movie star, statements, stories, free offers and many others. Two final questions remain unanswered -
1. What is the effectiveness? – To create awareness, sustained attention and trigger action
2. Whether this will lead to buying?

Courtesy: Philip Kotler
The article is piece of information borrowed from Philip Kotler one of his book. This is mainly for education purpose and no commercial angle to it.

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