It’s interesting to see westerners can’t image the concept of arranged marriage over love (choice) marriage. Similarly is a career choice choice becomes an ‘arranged career’, where each family member is tries to match the child’s career to the required family framework. It’s quite common to see a child has been directed to same profession of parents or required by the family. For example, A businessman would prefer his son to do MBA with finance as an option. Family considers their financial circumstances, values, similar post held by other family members. Their intentions are perfectly good to create a stable and fertile environment, so it helps the generations to come. The ‘Arranged Career’ approach is certainly good when done properly (Aptitude+Interest+Personality), has extremely high success rate.

While other parents let the child to take decision, by figuring out which career is best suited. They feel the child possess a significant amount of maturity in his/her abilities, interest and personality with a trust of good career-decision making. Family members will make their voice heard atleast once and leave the decision to the child. It is believed that, the child will learn to get it right inspite if they get it wrong at times. With clarity (from clutter) and goal setting, the ‘Love Career’ path can work out very well, and it would feel like a ‘Honey Moon’ with his/her work everyday.
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  1. Vikram says:

    People like me are in confusion status, Now I am thinking I should have done my UG in Networking and Hacking. So always there should be parents intervention in their Children s decision. The Gate Keeper should be their parents..

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