‘One is very crazy when in LOVE’ – Sigmund Freud*1.

Very successful person has something different in surface structure but common in deep structure. This common thing is often referred to as a very powerful emotion. It also refers to ardent love and to boundless enthusiasm in any action or emotion. It is most apparent when the mind, body and soul work together to create, develop and express one’s feelings and ideas. Hope you understood the term which I am explaining here and it is all about ‘Passion’.

When we recall the names of Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet; have you ever thought why we don’t use ‘and’ between their names? These names symbolize the extra-ordinary examples of the finest love for each other in man-kind. They were two but one in soul. And you know the success of love is not measured in terms of physical relationship.
On similar lines, there are many renowned names but here I would like to mention one among them. He was a legendary director, actor, producer, and choreographer. He fought a successful battle of personal losses and poverty. He worked as a telephone operator in Kolkata for short time, after which he set his foot in film industry and went on to become the Enigmatic Genius*2 of Indian cinema. The household name of 60’s – Guru Dutt.

The eternal love of history’s valentines or the outstanding work of Guru Dutt shows a variety in surface structure. But in the deep structure their soul, mind and body worked concurrently in search of their obsession. When ardent desire is acted upon persistently metamorphosis happens.

In psychological terms this metamorphosis takes place when Personality is analysed and perceived in a lucid outlook, along with the Aptitude which is usually referred to as abilities to perform tasks with reasoning accuracy and fine dexterity. In relation to this, Interest enhances performance in continuous flow in order to reach the obsession. This all happens when the Personality, Aptitude and Interest are correlated scientifically in a more transparent way.

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  2. Rajiv Vijayakar- April-08-2011, Indian Express.

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  1. Prerana says:

    It is good. I found different approach in article i felt it could have been more lucid.because non psychology person cannot exactly interpret your ideas.

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