Tongue twisters can be effectively employed to improve pronunciation. Vernacular language speakers are not generally good with tongue twister or not fond of them. It can be very effective strategy in improving vowel and consonant sounds. A word of caution, as this may not work with all students.

How do you say a tongue twister correctly? There are two rules.
# First, tongue twisters must be said fast. You can say any tongue twister without stumbling if you say it slow enough. The trick is to say it fast – the faster the better.
# Second, tongue twisters need to be repeated a certain number of times. If the tongue twister is several sentences long – let’s say, the size of a paragraph – you only need to say it once in order to succeed. If the tongue twister is less than a sentence long, say it at least three times.

Let’s see some tongue twisters and enjoy them with your friends.
Andrea and Andrew ate eight acid apples accidentally.
The little addled adder added ads.
Ashely’s leaping as she’s sleeping.

Bring the brown baked bread back.
Big pigs in a big pig pen.

Both bowlers bought
blue bowling balls,
but both bowled better
with black bowling balls.

New cheese, blue cheese, chew cheese please.
Chris’ craft crashed.
Cheap sheep soup.

Does a double bubble gum double bubble?
Deer’s ears hear clear cheers.

If you would like to learn more tongue twisters, please get in touch with us. We look for you suggestions and feedback. Please add your suggestions or comments. We appreciate your time!

  1. Narmadha Devi.C.T says:

    Well this is a pretty cool page…
    Some of these are hard to say 3 times fast!!! yet its so exciting to read…
    Very useful and its so helpful for me to improve my pronunciation…
    Eager to learn tongue twisters for all letters..
    Update soon…
    Thanks for this page:):)

  2. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Its wonderful, Its a very nice thing that you have done. I appreciate your work. Thank you a lot for this.


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