Clutter to Clarity : Part II

Step II: Visit a Career Counsellor

There will be different opinion from parents, relatives, teachers and friends to choose a particular field of studies. This makes the child to get into a state of dilemma and uncertainty which later hinders their ability. So, to avoid these types of circumstances and to get an unbiased and reserved opinion the Counsellor’s help will be fruitful. On the bases of Psychometric assessment (aptitude, personality, interest and motivation) of the child, the counsellor will give possible options for choosing the career.

Step III: Develop Computer Skills

The parents should encourage the child to learn computer skills and techniques like MS-Office, internet Skills.

Step IV: Develop Personality and Communication in particular

In this fast moving generation employers are looking for intellectual but more than that who has good level of Emotional Quotient. So, it is useful to inculcate inter-personal skills and skills which are helpful in team building and other dimensions. It is required that the parents should encourage the child to actively participate in extra-curricular activities at school and college level, in order to learn the valuable lessons of adjustment, competitiveness, sportsmanship.
To recap, careers are made by cognizant planning. The parents and guardians should take care of these points, never make your children to choose careers because they are popular or easy to complete but choose the appropriate career for the right person. Firstly, you must realize what are those standing and lasting values that make your child who he/she is. What things interest your child or what things make him/her want to stop as soon as he/she begins. Choosing a career is all about to your child, because if he/she doesn’t know what they are as an individual, it’s going to be extremely hard to convince their potentiality.
Remember that if careers are not planned they may go irrational or confused and on the other hand the talent which the children possess may remain subdued and suppressed.

Ultimately the child’s ambition will be:

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