In today’s competitive environment, a lot of time and money is misused in determining relevant course. A student choice which does not match his/her personality, aptitude and areas of interest finally results in futile preparation. Due to pressure from parents, peer groups and society in particular ends into choosing of absurd course and later moves into the area which you never liked.

At this juncture I remember a message which I received from my friend:

Teacher: Tum bade hokar kya karoge?

Student: Shaadi.

Teacher: Nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?

Student: Dulha banunga.

Teacher: ohho, I mean to say, bade hokar kya haasil karoge?

Student: Dulhan.

Teacher: Abbe, matlab bade ho kar Mummy Papa ke liye kya karoge?

Student: Bahu launga.

Teacher: Nalayak, Tumhare Papa tumse kya chahte hain?

Student: Pota.

Teacher: Hey bhagwan, abbe zindagi ka kya maksad hai?

Student: “Hum do hamare do.”

This is an ironic situation from one point of view but when we look at on the other side then it shows the signs of alertness for the parents to look after it. Due to uncertain pressure usually the children and even adults go haywire. So here I would like to give few steps to take care of your child.

In my opinion Career Planning should start at the time of transition stage or earlier (i.e., IX std ) will be ideal to start. Then if monitored one could gradually make a significant impact towards success in their careers.

Step I: Plan your child’s career

Clutter to Clarity: The incorrect model

1. Choose Your Course

2. Choose Your Job

3. Choose Your Career

When time comes for planning the child’s career, parents and guardians should take care of facts

1. Plan the future courses for children courses which rejuvenate, enhance the knowledge of inter-personal relationship, language ability and so on.

2. You should take care of the things which should not come in the way of child’s cognitive and behavioural development which may further turns into mal-adjustment, always think in holistic manner which enhance his cognition and behavioural aspects.

Parents and Guardians should make an effort to discuss the aspirations of your children. Nowadays new and very specified fields and jobs evolving which can be looked beyond the traditional courses. Let them choose of their own may be its Arts, Commerce, Science and Technology, Medicine and others. I trust in your aspiration and intuition to choosing course and a career.

Clutter to Clarity: The Correct Model

1. Identify Your Abilities

2. According to that choose your course

3. Choose Your Job

Stay tuned to know more about the upcoming Steps within two days.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." Maria Robinson

Till then “Hold Your Horses.”



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