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The story of two men eating lunch together:
Man 1: opened his lunchbox, took out his Dal-Roti, bit into it, and said, “Oh, Dal-Roti again. I hate Dal-Roti.”
Man 2: why don’t you tell your wife to stop making them for lunch?
Man 1: answered, “My wife! I make my own lunches.”
If you know what are the unnecessary activities you are doing in choosing your academic courses and vocation. It is within your power to simply change it with proper guidance and counseling. If you avoid then “you keep eating Dal-Roti.”

Nowadays, teenagers are facing with increasing options of careers, family and peer group pressures, complex needs like good salary, job satisfaction, and achievement etc. and inability to commit and grow in one field or confusion in recognizing future trends of the market. This leads them into a never-ending search of what they wish to take up as field of study or what they want to become. Career counseling is working with people so that they can decide on the path of action that would suit him them the most in the future.

Vocational Guidance refers to providing people with information about available vocation that suits their personality and needs.

Who does Career counseling and Vocational guidance?

Career counseling and Vocational guidance are done by Experts after assessing the psychometric tests like aptitude, interest and personality of an individual to identify the careers for the satisfaction and success in academics and profession.
Loratis has professional expertise which has mastered in test administration and assessments for an effective outcome in the process of counseling and guidance for the betterment of your future.

Description of psychometric tests:
Aptitude test: Most often refers to measure of natural ability like the ability to handle numerical, mechanical, other abstract and symbolical relation, particularly developed for use in Vocational counseling and in selection and classification of industrial military personnel.

Interest test: Refers to the test that matches an individual’s interests, specific likes, dislikes those traits of persons working in different vocations.

Personality test: Refers to the measures of such characteristics as emotional adjustment, interpersonal relations, motivation, interests and attitudes.
These results will be kept secret as confidentiality is one of the mottos of Loratis.

*Satisfaction and success is forward. No one is afraid of it today.*

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