Sometime we all feel that, left out in a group. In others a universal trait of mankind. It is so strong that, it makes each one to perform good and bad to receive importance of being there and to be recognized. The more you make people feel about their importance, the more they will respond to you. Everyone demands a space for themselves. A girl friend from her boy friend, wife from husband, mother from son, friend from other friend. A somebody treatment is an universal trait. Nobody wants to be treated as nobody – by being ignored or talked down to. The take home for you is – ‘s/he is just as important to him/herself as you are to yourself’ and it is a corner stones of successful human relations.

More take away tips for you are -

1. I ring, would you listen to me? Refute to listen and talk is a good indication of unimportance and rating them nobody. Would you pick my call?
2. A word of praise and compliment is worth a thousand unsaid words.
3. Don’t you remember my name? Try to call people by names and you will see that, they love it.
4. A think tank is worth before you begin to talk.
5. Remember he ‘Talk and Click – Marvelous Gift’
6. Acknowledge people who are waiting to see you.
7. Everyone is your friend in a group.

I am sure once you make these part of your life, the question ‘Why only it happens to me?’ will cease.

Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

  1. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Wow, its a wonderful one… i liked it a lot… thank you very much Santosh…. People it has a lot to understand and to follow in this….

    All the best and have a nice day Santosh… and i will be expecting more like this from you

    Thank you

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