The technique of being agreeable is a skillful in human relations. This is one of the gems of wisdom. It takes wise man to agree – particularly when the other person is wrong. Lets look into top-tips -

1. Learn to agreeable, to agree with people – It takes us to get into a frame of mins, an attitude of being agreeable. A nurturing an agreeable skills is vital. Let this happen through once natural conviction.
2. Let people know that you agree with them – It’s not only enough we agree but also let others know about it. A simple non-verbal gestures such as ‘smile’, ‘nod’ gives a clear indication of agreement.
3. Do not let people know that you disagree – If we can’t agree with someone, and many times it natural we don’t, its wise don’t disagree unless it is absolutely necessary. This hardly occurs.
4. Admire and Admit when you are wrong – Easier way to bring the discussion smoother, admit the mistake or wrong doing. You will be amazed to see, people admire anyone who can do it.
5. Refrain from arguing – ‘Nobody wins arguments or friends by arguing’.
6. Handle with care – Fighters want one thing – a fight. It is easier to sputter, fume and then look silly because of an argument.

Key : People like – One agrees with them and vice-versa. People liked to be agreed.

Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

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