[polldaddy poll=3942318]If you are looking for a new career, first job, dream job, a sense of direction, or a long lasting career then you are at the right space. I am certain you are not alone in job look sphere. It is found that only 50 % of all workers are satisfied with their jobs. Job dissatisfaction is commonly seen in all educational levels, ethnic group and income brackets. The following are some of the reasons for this pull -

* Craving more more and better opportunities
* Ownership for task and decision making
* Work-Life balance
* Recognition

At Loratis, we emphasize that it requires you to know what truly motivates you. We are not surprised to see many visit us or call us to tell that they are unhappy with their current job, but they can’t pinpoint why. With further invoke and discussion we find some (not restricted) of the following reasons -

1. Unfilled
2. Underutilized
3. Underpaid

There are two needs with work and life; they are internal needs and external needs. Research indicates that, internal needs are not met (lack of opportunity to be creative) compared to external needs (pay or benefits). It is interesting to draw a conclusion after meeting many students, jobseekers, working professionals that job satisfaction is not a merely a package or benefits, but a matter of discovering the kind of work that matches your values and personality and fulfilles all your needs.

At Loratis, we follow SOCRATIC METHOD (Socrates extraordinary Greek Philosopher) – it consists of a series of questions would be posed to help people explore their true north (nature) so they could experience success. We help students, jobseekers, working professionals and entrepreneurs to invest and reinvest themselves based on a process of constant -

assessment training self-assessment

These strategies will help them to enjoy and celebrate their strengths and face up their weaknesses. Loratis will help them to become effective decision makers and take action to make changes in their careers. Research indicates people who invest in themselves and their own growth and development generally experience greater levels of career and life fulfillment then those merely wait for opportunities to come along.

Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

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