One of the great asset one could have is dealing with people by understanding people and their nature. One has to understand -

1. Why people do the things that they do?
2. Why and how people will react under certain conditions?

When you know them, only then you can become a skillful manager of people. It boils down to recognize people for what they are; not what you think they are, nor what you want them to be.

In next question will be, What are they?

‘People are interested in themselves, not in ‘You’! and a vice versa. This is because actions are governed by self-thought and self-interest. This trait is very strong and it is for satisfaction or pleasure. There is nothing to feel or become embarrassed in being self-interested. We are all alike in this respect. Taking this as basis, you can learn to work in your dealings with people. It is a key for you to realize that people have self-interest : not in ‘You’!.

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Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

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