40 hours a week for 40 years you will spend a total of 83, 200 hours at your job in lifetimes. Many people do not consider those hours “time spent well”. Career is the purpose of life and a lasting imprint that one leave on this world. Some of current statistics offered by mikela and Philip Tarlow are -

# More than 50 % of all workers are actively considering changing their career.
# 25 % of all workers are actively considering changing their career.
# Greater than 50 % of all workers would consider a drop in pay if their jobs become more meaningful.
# 75 % of all workers would take a pay cut in order to have more personal time.
# 50 % of all workers are experiencing symptoms of burnout.
# Between 15 % and 25 % of all workers have voluntarily accepted a cut in pay to downscale, simplify, and engage in a less materialistic lifestyle. To some degree, they have simply dropped out of the rat race.
# When asked what would make them happy, 66 % of all workers said they would spend more time with their families, whereas 47 % said they felt would be happier if they would make difference in their communities.

These indicates that people crave for a purpose, a sense of true direction, and a feeling that they make the world a better place. Why are we discussing all these here? The answer to this fundamental question is – CHANGE!!!

Changes are difficult to accept and if it is welcomed, it can still cause anxiety and concern. To overcome, one needs to develop transition skills so that it can be responded quickly and flexibly a new career demands. Dynamics at workplace are based on – external forces such as restructuring to an economic downturn to rise of globalization. These can accelerate change in personal and work lives. Evolution of technology, creates opportunities and new problems in the workforce. It comes at a cost, expressed most directly in the loss of job.

In order to cut costs and improve efficiency, organizations have increased their use of temporary workers, free lancers or consultants. It was a different scenario in last three to five decades, people worked for one employer, and average tenure was about 23 years. By 1996, that figure has dropped to about 4 years. If one like to enter workforce, there are atleast 12 different jobs to look forward to and probably more. Many change jobs, and will require additional training as a way of moving into new employment opportunities.

Stay tuned to read about career transitions and four stages of a transition in next series.

Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

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