My great grandfather believed in organic business life. It was a structured move at a slower pace and on the other hand grandfather believed business to be roller coaster that has lost its guard rails. As generations passed, we are witnessing competitive pressure – this has brought on as more new ideas, more new competitors. Low cost, high performance, more demand for less price has lead to cost pressure. Number of units to be manufactured, shrinking size of gadgets in less time has become challenge for traditional manufacturers is an indicator of time pressure.

There’s only one way out. ‘Creativity’. Change is the name of game and innovation is the essential requirement to stay above water as yet another wave of change hits the shore. It’s not enough any more to sit back and say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Creativity has become a survival factor.

It is possible to know that you really need something without being sure what it is – creativity is frustrating like that. What stops being creative?

Loratis Career School conducts workshop on ‘Creativity’, contact us at

Workshop Outline -

  1. Creativity is a business skill
  2. Activity-based learning
  3. A progressive checklist


Santosh A

Sr. Business  Navigator

Loratis Career School

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