Career transitions are inevitable but embraceable – this needs a sense of direction and right attitude. These changes can be desired or undesired, voluntary or involuntary. I have personally gone through these transitions in terms of roles, tasks, outcome and benefits. These transitions are not easy and have its own unique challenges. Identifying them, accepting them and finding ways to overcome them is a key to successful transition. These transition brings newer relationship, more or less work hours, newer skills, and others. Navigating such a transition requires a careful planning and decision making, but it also calls for an increased self-awarness.

Most people pass through these four distinct stages during career transition. It is ideal one moves quickly, as if they never in those stages.

Stage I : Denial – Regardless of a whether a transition is positive or negative, a general refusal to accept the reality of its will help us to protect ourselves be overwhelmed.

Stage II : Resistance – In this stage personal distress levels rise and we look for something or someone to blame. We focus on past rather than the future. Past denial is unemployment. Such feelings can have dramatic issues on physical and psychological well-being.

Stage III : Exploration – In this stage negativity is broken and despair and shift into more positive, future oriented frame of mind.

Stage IV : Commitment – In this phase a new course of action is in focus.

If you are experiencing such transition and not sure about navigation, contact us : and 91-99169 96861.

Santosh A
Sr. Business Navigator
Loratis Career School
-Find Your True North!

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