career direction It is possible to identify and match person’s interest to an occupation and it difficult to succeed if you are bored. Interests tend to develop because of our exposure to different sort of experiences and also inheritance capabilities and talents which provides some outlet. Few obvious questions should arise from these circumstances:

  1. How do you know whether you would like a certain career when you have not yet had a chance to try it?
  2. How do you know that there is not some career which you have never thought about, but for which you may discover a talent when you try it?

In fact, through our education, reading, television, movies, reading, information via radio, newspapers, magazines, and many other experiences, we have all had at least second-hand experience off many different forms of work. It’s true, we may not know ourselves as well as we could and may miss out on something which suits us. Or, maybe, there is more than one type of career that we are suited to. these are the sorts of reasons that lead many people to have more than one career.

Loratis assessment test is to assist you to see where you major interests lie at the present time. For further information on career assessments – Career Direction


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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