Everyone like to be known or identified by their success. ‘No other cosmetic in the world other than success makes a person look beautiful.’ Find Your Genie! The story of two men eating lunch together: Man 1: opened his lunchbox, took out his Dal-Roti, bit into it, and said, “Oh, Dal-Roti again. I hate Dal-Roti.” […]

Do you feel left out in an conversation many a times? Do you find it difficult to talk to people? Do you know what interests others? and so on. The most interesting subject in the world to anyone is ‘THEMSELVES!’ I have made a keen observation that while you talk about themselves they become deeply […]

Career transitions are inevitable but embraceable – this needs a sense of direction and right attitude. These changes can be desired or undesired, voluntary or involuntary. I have personally gone through these transitions in terms of roles, tasks, outcome and benefits. These transitions are not easy and have its own unique challenges. Identifying them, accepting […]

40 hours a week for 40 years you will spend a total of 83, 200 hours at your job in lifetimes. Many people do not consider those hours “time spent well”. Career is the purpose of life and a lasting imprint that one leave on this world. Some of current statistics offered by mikela and […]

[polldaddy poll=3942318]If you are looking for a new career, first job, dream job, a sense of direction, or a long lasting career then you are at the right space. I am certain you are not alone in job look sphere. It is found that only 50 % of all workers are satisfied with their jobs. […]

Dear Friend, Individuals behave in different ways, these are circumstance driven, nevertheless each one has a personality that remains identifiable. If this were not true, it would be impossible for people to anticipate reactions of individual’s; the very fact that there are aspects of individual which are predictable testifies to your personality. This doesn’t mean […]