A Admonitory Tale – Part I

Once upon a time, there was a highly successful professional met with an accident and he died. He met St. Peter at heavenly gate. St. Peter express that, we are fortunate to have highly successful professional making this far, and we are still not sure this is where you belong. He decided to provide a day outing at Hell and Heaven. The successful professional with pride says, I think I’d prefer to stay in Heaven. St. Peter diplomatically says, ‘Rules are rules and management is always right’.

The doors of hell open and professional sees a beautiful lawn, club and there to greet him were his business associates, and friends all wearing glitter party wear and cheering for their leader. They talked about old times, played, danced, dinned with best of cuisines. The devil greeted with smile and showed the country side. The professional was overwhelmed and joyful throughout the day. It was time for Heaven, everyone shook his hand and looked forward to meet again.

Now it was the time  to spend a day in a Heaven for the professional. The professional lounged on clouds, caught a harp concert, sang in choir with angels. He had a great time before he knew it, his day is over.

St. Peter was at the gate to discuss with the successful professional about the decision. The professional paused, and then replied with polished jargons ‘I really appreciate you for giving me an opportunity to being part of hell and heaven. I would be thankful to you before I could have taken hasty decision. You know, Heaven is really great and I can’t forget that wonderful day being with angels and God. But, I think I had a better time in hell.

This time, as the successful man entered hell, he found himself in a desolate waste-land filled with filth and garbage. His business associates dressed shabby, picking garbage and putting in sacks. The devil came up to him and put his arm around him. The successful man was shocked and devoid of emotion. Devil says ‘Yesterday, we were recruiting you’. Today you are employee. Yesterday was all just an illusion.

This is the way I see much of the hiring process. What one see is rarely what one will get. My brother was working for a well known car dealer. The dealership had promised him the use of every new car. But a salesman must still sell seventeen cars a month to keep his job.  A line came to my mind during his narration – ‘All that glitters may not be gold’.

Why do we say so? We counsel many students and working professionals on issues with career. We work closely to identify ones strengths, weakness and explore opportunities by looking into a person and see what individual holds inside to excel.

I’m sure many would be thinking – What has this got to do with business?

I would say everything. The secret in business is people not only technology, ideas and money itself. A group of passionate people. The hiring process can be compared to marriage. There’s the courtship (the recruitment), the proposal (the offer), and the marriage (the job itself), which tends to change after the honeymoon is over. It is just like the story told above.

One has to discover during job search or interview process, otherwise oneself is missing something. A win-win game is clearly seen. You may be a cricket player predicting your opponent’s next move is a challenge.  The challenge is n-fold for different levels of hiring -

  • One has to get a clarity about the company.
  • One has to convey to recruiter, ‘I’m the best and brightest’ among all.

I shall take you through series on hiring process stages – A complete game plan. Are you prepared to play this game – On, Set and Go !

(These series are adapted from well-known international authors – Dr. Mornell P, Foerster, Kreuz, Kotter, Neogy and many others).


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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