A Professional Networks – Part III

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Part II  discussed about preparation for job interview. To its continuation with Mr. Michael Kumar, Q.E., Adobe inputs we shall conclude. He feels that, Indian education and working systems does not provide re-wind career option or switch of career so easily. It’s necessary for one to have rational reason behind the education, otherwise jobseeker is looking for an organization as money machine not beyond. One who build attitude for past 22 – 25 years is enough justification to be hired (fresher or experienced). He relates to an important question any fresher has – I don’t have experience. This question perhaps may be raised in interview stages but it is never questioned one’s hired. For example – every new project assigned to teams – All hierarchy do not no/have necessary experience to execute task. Do we call them fresher?

He continues to share his experience, we made hiring decision of one applicant in first round (we did take couple of more rounds) itself.  There could be many expectation from a jobseeker, if someone showcase beyond – its like a jackpot!

Expected from applicant Unexpected
  • In Time
  • Work Profile Match
  • Knows about organization
  • Previous work experience
  • Tools developed/ Games/ Mini Websites
  • A highly level of commitment and integrity


Dr. Meena R. Chandawarkar, Director, ASC Karnataka University said in one of our discussion, Persistence is key to your dream!  It is an universal power. Persistence is a good indicator of power and sustain in job market to everyone. ‘Everyone’ includes family members, friends, colleagues, teachers, phone contacts, support groups, email contacts and anyone else who might help in your job search.

After moving from one TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Jogesh and I stayed in contact. I later joined IISc, Bangalore and worked for a while. I got a call from another university in The Netherlands and learnt from a friend that, Jogesh had referred to my application. Although the word ‘networking’ was not in picture, it remained as a classical example of a friend helping and directing another friend.

Mr. Michael Kumar, Q.E.,Adobe says that, out of 25 people in our team : 23 are from referrals. According to him more than 90 percent of job seekers find employment through colleagues, friends, associates, family members and career advisors. He suggest to make a list people and meet the one’s in your domain interest. An appointment through networking email or a call is ideal to explore possibilities. One should seek an experts opinion in drafting networking email to make it smooth meet. This meet should give a call for further discussion. He concludes that, best of jobs are only known in team people and they are hardly advertised.

We shall end Part III by a liner – ‘You have to network if you want to get a good job’. One can  best make use of social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and others).


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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