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Most of us feel that career is one of the most crucial components in our lives but a few of us really devote serious time in understanding what does “career” mean. Is it a good white collar MNC job or is it a feeling of being treated as a boss or is it doing something which you like.

When it comes to choosing our career we always look that things which look to us as good things happening around or most popular things in the community. Being engineer may not suit you but you aspire to be one because your best friend opted for this option or may be being an engineer is in fashion. I strongly believe career choice is not an instantaneous or temporary exercise; rather it is a continuous process with a holistic view towards developing a perspective for the way you want to live your life.

Career should not be confused with livelihood; an analogical dictionary meaning of career word is progress, rapid movement in speed. So, career is the way you progress in your life. Choice of career can not a one time decision , it should be revaluated at every stage of life as apparently at each stage of life there are different sociological, psychological and personal factors which influence your perspective towards life. I opted for an engineering career at the stage of life when I did not have much exposure to the field of education and social upliftment which is the work I like the most to do now. It is difficult to predict the future and determine what is that one would like to do after 15 years from now but what is important is to consider all the factors and a detailed analysis of all the influences at a particular stage of life.

Career management should not be confined to choosing the best option out of the ones available and perceived to be good by masses; rather it should be an evaluation of one’s holistic behavioural, pschycological and personal projections. An assessment of various factors to identify your true potential will give an impetus to what is called career choice and progression. Someone has rightly said “Make your hobby your career and you will be successful” and selecting that hobby is same as evaluating all the influences and reaching to the one thing which you really like to do at a particular stage of life.


Gaurav Kumar

Chief Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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