In an exclusive interview with Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Chief Business Navigator, Loratis Career School on Social Enterprises and Innovations.

Santosh: Good morning! We welcome you to Loratis board and we are glad to have as a Loratis team.

Gaurav Kumar: Thank you very much. I am excited about the interaction.

Santosh: Tell us something about yourself!

Gaurav Kumar: I have a very diversified background. I started my career as a software professional at Infosys after doing chemical engineering and worked there for almost 4 years in different streams, always hunting for my real passion. I got involved in internal communications and CSR work later which I really liked. Later on, after doing MBA from MICA, I have started a social enterprise which works in the field of disability empowerment

Santosh: Was it choice or chance to take up software engineer career?

Gaurav Kumar: I would prefer to say it was an analytical decision to get into a high growth industry but it took me time to understand my real passion after I went through different stages in Infosys.

Santosh: Tell us your experience at Infosys

Gaurav Kumar:  Infosys is a great company to work with. I always cherish the feeling of working with a world class company. I learnt a lot about processes and systematic way of implementing things at Infosys.

Santosh: What are the challenges a fresher (non-IT students) could expect in an IT firm?

Gaurav Kumar: The work in a IT Company is mostly based on your general aptitude and application skills. It is only initial apprehensions which could be seen as a challenge otherwise it is just the learnability and interest which matters.

Santosh: You decided to pursue MBA in Communication Management and Entrepreneurship from MICA. Why did you decide to choose this from regular MBA?

Gaurav kumar: I am a very intense ideator. I always had a thought of starting something on my own so entrepreneurship factor enticed me to join. Adding to it, MICA is the best place in country for communication studies which was a good enough reason.

Santosh: How has been your experience in social enterprising?

Gaurav Kumar: It is something I am really passionate about. It gives you so much satisfaction to work for a reason which has a result as better human capital and a better life around you.

Santosh: You started DARE INDIA for differently abled population. How did this come up? How has been response till date?

Gaurav Kumar: I had been researching on the issues in Disability sector for some long time. Interaction with a few incidents and people in the sector made me sure that I have to do something. The response is great. I am getting support from the organizations countrywide and many prominent people.

Santosh: We once again welcome you to Loratis family!

Gaurav Kumar: Thank you very much. All the best.

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