You Decide it!  – Part V

A perfect

In a recent discussion with Ms. Poorti M (HR) working for a MNC on procedure on short-listing candidates, once pile of resumes received. The piles of resumes are segregated into ‘Yes’, ‘May Be’, ‘No’. I went on to understand, why some are ‘May be’ and ‘No’. She replies, ‘Everyone wants a perfect bride or groom.’  She continues to say that, job aspirants will never know if someone care about their education background, experience or how long one worked for an organization. ‘May be’, aspirants hardly make into ‘Yes’. There are many parameters as simple as, is objective defined for the post applied,  errors and lack of credentials. If this is the approach towards to one career, its a big question on their performance. I realized, ‘It is wise to marry a perfect bride or groom, wisest to be single otherwise.’Santosh A

I have seen and learnt from Sanjeev Kumar, Business Navigator and Dr. Rathi, CNO, Loratis Career School about proof reading importance. We come across in many resumes the misspellings, typos and ended with such bloopers as ‘Manger’ or ‘Hardly worker’. Everyone has one chance to be a perfect bride or groom. A day is not far, when bride or groom has to make a power point presentation to prove as a ‘Prefect Bride or Groom’. Make the most of it.

A perfect resume should bring ‘Value Proposition’, ‘Proof’, ‘Brand’, ‘Differentiation’ and ‘Passion’.  These have to be blended with the help of professionals to bring A Wah! factor.

At Loratis we  bring this ‘A Wah! factor’ to make your resume a perfect bride or groom. This is what our family members says about the factor -

“Resume is not just merely a paper filled with some info about you, instead it is a credential which represents you as a professional. I found my True North! Thank You Loratis!”  – Deena Sharon, IBM

“A perfect resume for my dream job" Serita, Florida, USA

Do you want to be ‘A  Perfect Bride or Groom’? For more information visit – Professional Resume


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!

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