With Radicati Group (May 2009) estimate that the number of emails sent per day (in 2009) to be around 247 billion. This means more than 2.8 million emails are sent every second. About 1.4 billion users are genuine and around 80 percent are spam or viruses. Internet has become a major channel to communicate for start-ups and fast-paced companies. They do check their emails and very good in responding quickly. As the telephone is a necessity for Bollywood agents, the email are necessary for most job applicant.

There are some stages of job hunt, such as

Preparation —>Resume and Cover Letter —>Telephonic Interview —>Interview(s)—>BGV—>Final Interview—>Selection

Each stage has an objective and one must be aware and prepared for it.

We receive emails enquiry for career prospectus. For example -

[“Hello Santosh,
          How you doing? I hope you remember me.Actually no ————— so i also dropped it.I was wondering if i get a chance to do my Summer Implant Project in Loaratis, please let me know.Have a good day ahead. Thank You.
Warm regards”]

The email lacks the appropriate salutation, closing, content, punctuation errors, spelling errors and grammatical incorrect. At Loratis we enhance the skills by offering training on B –emails. At Loratis one gets to learn and master – Concepts, ground rules,  and importance of  b-emails at each stage of an interview, post interview and at work.

“B-emails sessions at Loratis, was an eye-opener, the minute, simple and effective steps has brought changes to our business communication.”- Siddaram Patil, COO, Lavisa Infrastructure Ltd 

E-recruiting and virtual interviews are likely to be seen in near future. Offer are made almost instantaneous, rules of game has changed. The olden days practice of providing sealed offer is hardly practiced. One cannot afford to be left out. 


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!

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