Most of the people choose their career after considering the money making potential in a specific area. Recently the trend has been the IT industry, be it programming or anything related to the top IT companies I am interested. This has been the attitude for many of us or else hype the market has created over a period of time about IT or MBA.

The trends has shown that students opting for engineering and MBA are on higher side as when compared to any other professional degree. As a kid you would have probably enjoyed drawing, painting, singing, dancing or be it any other hobby, your parents of course would have stopped you from pursuing what you have enjoyed doing.

It makes perfect sense to choose a career in the area of your interest. Over a period of time you will gain sufficient skill to pursue your interest as a career even though you would have gained the skill informally. The combination of interest and skill are very compelling reasons to choose a particular career. “Who’s going to hire someone who loves making beaded jewelry?" you may ask yourself. Good question. Don’t wait for someone to hire you. Start your own business. That may be the best way to incorporate your hobby into your career. Those with hobbies that involve creating things, i.e. jewelry, clothing, or pottery, may do well to sell those items on their own. Before you go forward with your plans, though, you should find out whether being an entrepreneur is for you.

Few years ago one of my friend’s son had chosen MBA because he wanted to be with his friends who had planned to do MBA. He had completed MBA in Marketing and ended up with his first job in sales. Essentially at your age, you fail in really understanding the difference between Marketing and sales. After having worked in sales for few years, he had an opportunity to understand how the industry really works. He realized late that his interest lies in technology rather than in sales.

For some people being with friends’ work out well but for few others it may not. It is ideal to do a thorough introspection before you decide on a career.

Loratis Career School offers a dedicated service in guiding you to choose the right career or the right MBA specialization. Loratis is serving the students and young working professionals manage complete career management cycle – from Career Direction, Employability Skills, and Orientation Programs to Job Placements. Loratis has tagged it as ‘Finding the True North’.

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