It is a normal trend for any Indian student to choose between science, commerce and arts in the school itself. It’s a lifetime decision for oneself. It’s very vital for the educational bodies and parents to identify the inventories of students through career assessments and observations. These assessments with discussion will give an indication of passion in students. If you take up something which you are not fond off, then you start developing hatred and fear. Many restrict to science, commerce and arts stream, because they are sought to be best professions in India. This is no doubt that they are most sought, but are they best choices?

In today’s world there are many options to find the best fit. To determine the best fit one to identify the competences one possesses. The competences can be explored by identifying the strengths and weakness through, so that one can take up a realistic decision. This would be one major elimination method and logical choice rather than an expensive chance.

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Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis  Career School

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