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First Series

If you are asked to choose one of the best personalities it could be one or others such as Shahrukh Khan (actor), Sonia Gandhi (politician), Sachin Tendulkar (sports), Bill Gates (American Business Magnet), Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam (Scientist) and many more. The reasons for choosing one or more personalities would be with or without reason(s). Many a times we feel we love or hate them. Passion is in similar lines and many a times it doesn’t have an answer, no logical thought and no reasons. This gives an indication that there are certain things are close to our hearts and we just love them.

Many of us might hate a personality but combination of those personalities would lite the screen/stage. For example, Shahrukh (actor) might be disliked by some people but people would love to see him with Kajol (actress). ‘My Name is Khan’ is one of the much awaited movies of the year 2010. This is a clear indicator of dislikes getting converted to likeliness. If we look at these great successful people, they love what they do. These people always want to win, achieve, bring life to a character, make difference to people, bring joyous to others etc. It is not surprising to see the stiff competition during education; many want to be the best, top the class every time. In many interviews Shahrukh khan has said, ‘I love to receive awards.’ In order to achieve this feat, he puts his best and that is his passion. In the similar way, Aamir Khan is said to be the perfectionist. He is completely involved in a character and it is clearly portrayed in each of his movies.

Many students and working professional we met across are in search of passion. Some of them have realized after so many of years of personal, work experience and taken a step ahead to complete the incomplete passion cycle. This cycle exists in each of us and we tend to neglect it without realizing the impact on us. A wrong course after X, XII, Engineering/Medical, MBA Specialisation or even the wrong job can completely take away the passion. The nature has always favored human kind and it gives indication many a times. The best indicators for these could be attendance in school/college, percentage/grades, choosing a right course/specialization, unhappy at job and personal life, broken relationships and many others to add to the list.

In order to understand and awaken the inner soul, there is a need for an inner compass and a guiding light. It is wise on our part to invest some time and money to find the right direction. This will help an individual to drive, bring harmony within ourselves. Movies like ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and ‘My Name is Khan’ carry a wonderful tag line ‘There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi’. This shows the passion of the director to attract the audience and showcase the simple story by making it extraordinary.

There is a tremendous inflow of energy channels in passion and energetic people have it within them. For example, Ashoka the Great, Indian Emperor of all ages was an impeccable warrior general and a shrewd statesman, because of this passion, he conquered Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and states of India. A present day idol for many dancers is Michael Jackson, his 90 minutes show in India, on 08 Aug 1996 set fire on stage. This shows his passion and satisfactory level. One needs to visualise passion and walk an extra mile to achieve the passion. Passion leads to joy and satisfaction. I am fascinated the way Shahrukh Khan says it, ‘Listen straight from your heart.’ Such passionate people perform better than others. There would be maximum of about 20 percent of people are passionate and rest are not. It is interesting to note that Pareto Principle of 80-20 rule is applicable here also.

Ø Did you identify your passion?

Ø Are you leading a compromised personal life and a professional career?

Ø Are you not willing to invest time and money to achieve your passion?


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!

  1. Junhie says:

    Hi ~ I am here again. :)

    I read well your writing.

    It was really good.

    I like “Listen straight from your heart”

    But, you know some time, when our heart is out of order, there is possibility to be misleased.

    So, at the moment, we had better stop and .. make calm state.

    I really like passion.
    But, sometime, cooling head is also needed. :)

    It is just my current thinking and mind.

    You, santosy may understand why I am saying like this.

    Thank you always,

    Have a nice day.

    From your frd, Junhie, Han

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