We wonder many a times, why are there so many obstacles against the job hunt? The three main reasons are –

é Supply and Demand Ratio

é Need

é Risk factor of hire


‘Secrets of Interviews’ 

Let’s consider first two of them –

é Supply and Demand

The population of India is close to 1.6 billion and about 6.8 % population is unemployed (according to CIA), many are active job seeker as well in working group. This gives a clear indication that there are more job seekers than jobs. These figures can’t give a complete view of unemployed people, who are not registered with employment office. There are fresh graduates entering the market along with the unplaced floating market. There are many part time, contract workers looking for full time employment. Many employed works unhappy with the present job who are looking for new jobs. I am sure many of you started getting a clear and bigger picture by now. As a job seeker you need to know the employer secrets to succeed at job search, professional resume, interviews, and negotiation.

é Need

Whether it is boom or doom of economy there is a need for job aspirants. In discussion with many job seekers, I have found is that the focus is completely on you. It is very common that an employer will select only one or few open positions from hundred of applicants. On average an individual spends about three months and can be considerable longer due to the economic conditions, geography, and industry. Even if you land up with placement, there is no guaranteed offer letter. Even if offered no guarantees on length and job satisfaction. Many tend to blow up the opportunities, by being inflexible and or by showing desperation. One has to learn the art of negotiating, otherwise will end up getting paid low than they are capable. Most of people are dissatisfied with their jobs within one year or earlier. The two main complaints are –

Ø The Job is not what I expected

This is a good indication to understand that job seeker is not assessing the employer or the position.

Ø I am underpaid

If anyone is not making enough money after only one year of on the job, unless an employer has cut the pay, the employee has to blame him/herself. Either the employee accepted a job with less pay or didn’t negotiate.

What you can do to avoid these situations? To find answers for these unanswered questions, contact Loratis Career School (www.loratis.co.in or info@loratis.co.in or 91 80 – 2245 6262)


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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