Every generation has seen a trend in the job preferences by graduating students and professionals. During the days of our forefathers the most sought after jobs were from the public sectors including defense services and the nationalized banks. Later the trend upgraded to engineers and doctors. Today the trend is to become software professional or be a part of the IT Industry in any role. It’s not that the students are not able to think beyond these professions, but also because of shear peer or parent pressure, and also because of their inability to identify the Idiot in them. The recent success of the movie 3 Idiots has inspired many, capturing the real life problem faced by each one of us. In the movie Aamir Khan plays the lead character who helps his friends to identify the Idiot in them.

Understanding ones passion and overcoming the confusion of career choice within could help an individual succeed in his or her career, and enjoy the same as well. This will also make us recession proof.

For example choosing the right MBA specialization is very crucial, it’s most likely that you will be getting your first job in the area of your specialization. If you happen to choose a wrong specialization, you may be offered a wrong job and rather it would become very difficult to make a switch offer after your first job. Workshops and counseling sessions are offered with an objective to clear the insecurities and dilemmas students face on account of multitude of available options, multiple decision influencing factors and lack of guidance on conducting scientific self-diagnosis.

Loratis offers four programs in this category. Each program is designed to match the profile of a candidate in order to choose the best solution that would lead to a successful career. It helps the candidates to get full clarity on their aptitude, personality, passion, and career direction.

Dr. Rathi, who promoted the Loratis Career School six months back, has been advocating this message through his seminars and talks for the past 15 years. He addressed more than 25000 engineering and management students in these years across Asia Pacific. Through Loratis, he is serving the students and young working professionals manage complete career management cycle – from Career Direction, Employability Skills, and Orientation Programs to Job Placements. Instead of ‘finding the idiot’ he has tagged it as ‘Finding the True North’.

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  1. Job Market says:

    As a students, its far from easy to determine the your career path, simply because you are always concerned that you may choose the wrong career path, thats the reason, so many student take so long to decide what they want to do, and most of the time, they end up following the career they have acquired the skills to do, as opposed to the career that would make them happy.

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