Fifth Series

Now, when passion has become a clear soup for all of us after these invaluable inputs and illustrations by my friends I would like to take the thread backward or rather downward (to its roots). I just don’t intend to take you to those plant morphologies instead to what I can call is “below the passion”.

Our inclination towards anything differentiates us and makes us rare. We are all different and we appreciate it. I have a passion to cook which certainly doesn’t make me a foodie and same goes

for the armed forces that gun down the  enemies but that definitely doesn’t lead them to court trials for murders though an award might just be waiting! Dwelling on the very idea of passion, it actually comes as nothing less than a vehicle to our strong emotions which can be to do or get something done. But it would be a sin of ignorance if the very fuel of the passion vehicle is left behind.

Passionate people and their crowning success is admired and behind their passion lives the desire. Desire that lead the person to incessantly fight those innumerable battles within himself, alone or in a crowd, silently or otherwise.  A day without desire can see us reluctant to the extent that some day one might just refuse to breathe (excuse me for exaggerating). Truly speaking desire is a larger canvas. Different people, different strokes, different colors, some shades, some tinges but finally what emerges is a marvel! In desire lies the heat to ignite the thoughts and emotions. To serve the taste buds of people or to serve the country of those people is what makes you a chef or a soldier!!

Every activity is  backed by the desire…that begets a passion.

So desire. Desire to live. Desire to rise. Desire to step ahead..Desire to

toil. Desire to learn..desire to shine..desire to excel..

A liner from Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie ‘Om Shanti Om’

Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey

tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

Life is vast as the ocean let the desire weave our passion and give a sail to the boat. Steer into the adventure and face the gallant waves for life is an act of courage, witness every act of it, for life is a passion feel every moment of it!

Sameena Javed, HR

Sri Balaji Society, Pune

  1. Bhavana Nyalkalkar says:

    Hi Sameena,

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful article and you are right when you say “desire begets a passion” but not all desires turn into passion.
    A desire to be a good cook will make me attend cookery classes or learn from family and friends, it would make me perfect in the art of cooking, but if I am passionate about cooking I would not just master the art but I’ll try to experiment, innovate and come with some thing new. Passion gives a person the courage to cover that additional leap to excellence.
    Every person can desire to be a good batsman but every person cannot be a “Sachin Tendulkar”.
    Finally one can desire of many things but he or she is passionate about 1, 2 or a handful number of things.


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