Education, Achievements, Parents, Aspirations, Passion and many other factors are the first stepping stone for success. I would term them as Science. Education can give or teach us science such as principles Newton’s law of gravity, mixing of recipes to prepare food, issues/bug in a product. Achievements, Aspirations, Passion can provide us a feel good factor and level of satisfaction. The challenge to get this good feel or satisfactory feel it’s the ART. In other words, a well known chef knows the ART of providing delicious food and as well as gain the satisfactory level. 


This boils down to the art of adding all the items (education, achievements, awards, certifications etc) in cover letter, resume and an interview. This art is an indicative of plan, prepare, practice and execution of excellence. It is worth to note here that, the average cover letter is in an employer’s hands for less than 10 seconds and for every 200 resumes reviewed, only one interview is granted. HPIM2782 Some more skills are vital they are termed as ‘personal traits’ such as communication skills, Aptitude, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving skills, Leadership, Attention to details, Team players etc. We are happy to be associated with one of well known institute and to bring a change in them through our unique program click here: ‘The Art and Science of Cracking Your Dream Job’ This unique program was accepted and appreciated by the students and faculties click here:

Do you want to enjoy and experience this wonderful journey of career? Don’t miss the opportunity, as there is ‘No Retakes’ in life.

Loratis Career School – A step towards successful career.



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