A Simple Rule - Job Hunting

Job hunting is a difficult task for many and to simplify the following simple rule need to adopt.

 Individual’s (You) are the service or product
 The employer is the customer
 You are selling
 The employer is buying

Individuals are the service or product. As employer pays you, he is your customer. The cover letter and resume are your advertising. The personal interview is your service or product presentation. This is your best chance and opportunity to perform. Selling is about learning your customer’s needs and desires and persuading them that you can fulfill those needs and desires. As an individual you are ready to offer service or product and as an individual you know your product and services better. Getting a job is about selling. In order to achieve this feat individual’s needed to acquire ‘job selling’ skills. It includes basic, additional and specific job selling skills because of interview structure. The vital question for this simple rule is: How much are you worth to the customer?

The more an individual focus on the employer as a customer the less he/she focus on individual. The less an individual focus on oneself the less he/she is nervous and the more confident he/she become. It will lead to more capability. The fact for many job seekers the average time taken is three months and can be longer. This depends on economic situation, geography location, and type of industry. Many professionals take over a year to find the right employment and for career change about two years. Job taken under desperation are unsatisfactory and the professionals have two biggest complaints –

 The job is not what I expected
 I am not making enough money

What can you do to avoid such situation?

Quote for Post: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work – Thomas Edison

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