Key Benefits of Career Counselling After Graduation

College days are really beautiful. You enjoy some of the best moments of your life during your college days because you enjoy a lot more freedom when compared to school days. Spending long hours in college canteen, discussing almost anything in the class with your professors and talking to your friends late at night are some of... > Read More

Effective Tips To Manage And Balance Work And Life Together

It gets difficult to manage your life well when you need to work for long hours to perform well and also to save your job since the competition is getting higher day by day. According to a survey by Harvard Business School, 94% of the professionals work for more than 50% every week. Here, half of such... > Read More

How To Carve Out A Career That Offers  Happiness & Satisfaction

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions of your life, so you have to be utterly conscious while making it. Though career development is a continuous process, it doesn’t mean you are free to make wrong decisions. Every decision that you take in the career development process not only impacts your professional life but also... > Read More

Tips for Beating Cut-Throat Competition to Secure Your Dream Job

Are you an engineer, who always wanted to become a teacher or a fashion designer, who wanted to work as a journalist? Well, if that’s right then you must be facing a lot of trouble in your professional life. You can’t be in a job for a long time that you are not at all passionate about.... > Read More

A Definitive Guide To Selecting a Fulfilling Career

Everyone wants to pursue a fulfilling career wherein they can use their qualifications, skills and knowledge to justify their roles and responsibilities. It’s quite true that you grow in your career only when you are given a role that you are highly passionate about. However, the brutal reality is that not everyone is lucky enough to get... > Read More


In today’s world finding a perfect job that matches your interests, qualifications and personality, is utterly difficult. Since there are thousands of career options, you easily get confused when it comes to picking a job that suits your requirements. Everyone wants to taste success in their professional lives, but unfortunately, not all of them take the right... > Read More

It is nothing but stress which is a growing problem in the country like India. This developing country is facing a severe issue which originates from stress. It is definitely the increase in the suicide rates among the students of class 10th and 12th. Their level of stress is increasing day-by-day.

It is estimated that these... > Read More