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Question By Prajwal
I have done my hotel management 2015 complete wasted 2 years doing nothing grt........bad lifestyle, doing nothing ..... I get distracted by things very soon confused in life I imagine things a lot before even completing or doing it .had joined avaition dint complete many courses I did. not in a interest to complete I give up very soon very bored of life want to do something.......... Want to achieve many things
17/08/2017, 03:34 AM
Loratis Expert 2
Hi Prajwal, thanks for approaching us. Understanding ones behaviour, abilities and interests will give you clarity and clear picture about the future. Knowing your strengths and positiveness you can channelize them to the career and succeed in life. Knowing who you are is more important now which then leads to climb ladder and achieve great things. Call and fix an appointment with us. We will definitely help you to understand yourself, your strengths, your competencies, talents and interests and to set a realistic goals about career and to achieve it.

Question By kirti gunjikar
i am not able to understand my interest to choose a right career for me ,what should i do?
26/07/2017, 04:36 PM

Loratis Expert 2
Hi Kirti, Thank you for approaching us. Please call and fix an appointment with us, we use standardized international psychometric tools to assess the personality, abilities and interests of you. It will help you in understanding yourself and to know about your strengths and interests. And then we will help in choosing a right career for you. Interests, passion and abilities together will leads you to be expert in the field and to happy and successful in life.

Question By Midhun Mohan Currently i am a bcom(taxation) graduate and i got 60 percent marks in my bcom course .kindly suggest me with a course which i can pursue
12/07/2017, 03:25 PM
Loratis Expert 2
Hey Midhun, Thank you for approaching us. It depends on your interests in math, accounts or not. If yes based on your mathematical and logical ability we can refer you the course. If not think about which fields interest you and in which areas you have the abilities and that your personality supports you to become expert in the field for the long term. Talk to us, know about yourself and then choose a right career path for your successful life.

Question By kranthisha parvathaneni i have worked for just 6 months before as a data analyst, but because of marriage, change of locations and kids was not working since then. So how should i proceed now? i have done my B.Tech and then MBA in 2008.
27/06/2017, 12:58 PM
Loratis Expert 2
Thank you for approaching us. Have you feel connected with your data analyst job? To restart your career now, it is best to know your strengths and interests and the field you excel. That gives you confident and success in your career. You can fix a appointment with us and know about your right career path for your life.

Question By sriharsh Actually i got an interview call for Operation Analyst fresher opening.So before attending interview i want to know: 1) what is the career path of an Operation analyst? 2) what is demand for operations analyst in job market?
22/06/2017, 10:24 PM
Loratis Expert 2
To pursue a career in the operation analyst, you must be confident that you have the ability and interest to survive long and to become expert in the field. For career path: You should have a graduate or undergraduate industrial engineering, master degree in management science, mathematics and operation research. Demand: There is a high demand for operation analyst as most of the consulting, logistic firms, management firms, government departments and research institutions are hiring for operation analysts.

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