Career Counselling for Working Professionals

Career is an exciting journey with roller coaster experience. This journey can be much more enjoyable and exciting if you know where you are going. Once you know where to go, you can find the best way to reach there, at the earliest, fulfilling your dream and making you feel great. But how do you decide where to go? Well, it depends on what are your interests, likes, dislikes and personality. At each of these steps you need to choose/decide from among the alternatives available. You can’t ignore this fundamental question because it is going to decide the future of your career. It is the first building block of your career. At whatever stage of career you are, you need to relook at ‘where you belong to?

Case of a talented and highly qualified corporate executive . . . .

Imagine opening too many windows on your computer, one after the other . . . what will happen? The computer will hang with a distorted view of various windows partially opened . . . no clarity, no full picture and no moving forward . . . you are stuck. You also know the difference between a prism and a lens. Prism disperses the light into a spectrum of various colours, whereas lens combines the rays of light into a strong well focused beam – a focal-point . . . with the same principle, in case of our eyes, it brings clarity to our vision. Similarly, a focused career gets you bigger and better success. But getting that focus is the most difficult part of the process because we have so many dimensions to be taken care, as a human being, and as part of the globally-networked and dynamically evolving world of work – world where our career shapes. A process where we take into account our uniqueness as a human being – our personality, abilities, interests, values, and then match the same with various career options – jobs, roles, company-cultures etc to help us focus ‘where we want to go’ and reach there with ease and happiness is termed as Integrated Career Management – please refer the following diagram.

A person who has found his true passion and is also aware of benefits of his passion to the society at large is always more career-motivated than those who haven’t. This further helps him in crafting a right career strategy (how will I achieve my career and life goals) which finally results in delivering great performance quarter-on-quarter . . .year-on-year. You become the master of expertise in your chosen area. When this happens you feel the success coupled with happiness. Your career is unshakable, recession-proof and free from the worries of business uncertainties.

Time and again, research on career-related issues has revealed that, clarity on ‘self’ plays a dominant role in one’s long term career success . Your awareness about your talents, interests and work values help you bring a great clarity on you course of action, may it be choosing a right role or an organization or taking up further academic qualifications. This ‘clarity’ makes life smoother . . . stress-free, fatigue-free, and enjoyable. You experience a rare feeling which is combination of ‘success & happiness.

Refer the diagram which describes the importance of the carefully crafted and managed career development process and its impact on your career growth. You save yourself from many frustrating career experiences and reach to where you deserve to be much earlier than others through Career Counselling for Corporate Executives.

Remember, there are quite a few people in market today, with an experience of more than 8-10 years, who are jobless and depressed. They have knowledge and experience in their area, but they have failed to create an impact through their performance. They are victims of either ‘lay off’ or ‘burn-out’. They are looking out for similar job with higher salary or a new career option. . . just because they have not planned their career with sound foundation.

Individual Career Coaching

The most harmful, damaging and dangerous thing one should be care about is the ‘clutter’ – the garbage of confusion, mystery, doubt, dilemma, ignorance and uncertainty, which gives birth to fear, frustration, stress, irritation, anger, and bad health, finally resulting in depression, nervousness, disinterest, and chronic diseases making precious human life and its beautiful facets like family, nature, etc meaningless and unfulfilling.

Just by taking a few proactive steps you can make the scenario very different. The steps that remove the clouds of doubt and uncertainty giving you a clearer picture of life and a breath of fresh air.

The Clutter to Clarity (C2C) is a trademark registered service that Loratis provides to people at different stages of career.

We have worked with thousands of individuals to help them achieve their career potential, move into the job they really want and enjoy a satisfying and rewarding working life. Working on a one to one basis with an assigned specialist career coach, we can help you:

● Understand how to use your skills, experience and expertise to good effect
● Identify the key factors which will enable you to perform at your best
● Explore your career options and decide on your next career move
● Access the specialist information and resources you need
● Develop a persuasive sales pitch through your CV, interviews etc.
● Conduct a focused, time-efficient job search strategy
● Enhance your employability for future internal and external opportunities

The services are divided into four categories based on at what ‘stage of career’ you currently are.

Employability Services
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