Career Counselling for Students

These career assessment sessions are offered with an objective to clear the self-doubts and dilemmas students face on account of multitude available options, multiple influencing decision factors and lack of guidance on conducting scientific self-diagnosis. Clutter to Clarity (C2C)℠ Avenue is designed to match the profile of a X/XII/Graduate student in order to choose the best next academic option that would lead to a successful and satisfied course and career. It facilitates the candidate to get full clarity on their Aptitude, Personality, and Interest & Career Direction.

As children mature, their emotional development precedes most forms of cognitive development. The growth of cognition flows into several dimensions like perception (visual, object, face, and pattern), attention, memory, language, thinking (concepts, reasoning, decision-making, problem-solving). Clutter to Clarity (C2C) Avenue is one of the magnificent services of Loratis Institute, to furnish refined and accessible comprehension for students to enhance for better understanding of themselves.

Many a times, even though with lot of motivation and inspiration most students get distracted as to which path should we choose for our career? It may be due to many influencing factors like varied interests from parents, relatives, peer groups, friends, and media role-models so on, finally it gets complicated to choose the appropriate interest from various factors.

On the other-hand, when we speak of attitudes and adjustment most students make it difficult to handle them, as a result it moves them to track where one dislikes and really hates the appropriate course or career chosen. At last but not the least, our ability or else what we call the aptitude also makes remarkable influence on the way of choosing a career.

A student who does not want to repent in his/her career at a later stage should and must give a serious thought to his career when he/she is in X standard, XII standard or in undergraduate course itself. Soon after X and XII standard exams or degree exams, he/she should think about the Next Right-Academic-Course. Career Counselling for 10th Std., Career Counselling for 12th Std., Career Counselling for Undergraduates, Career Counselling for Postgraduates.

Steps involve:
Administration of battery of scientific tests Preparation of an assessment reports: A set of reports are generated after the tests and studied by our expert, One-2-One Counseling Meetings: The reports and its findings are discussed with you and your parents (in a 1-on-1 personalized meeting) to explain what it means and to help you take a Right Decision about your next course of action. With this, you have taken the first important step in your career towards a successful and happy life. The efforts you are going to put to pursue your academic course are now in the right direction. Cheers!

Expected Outcome: At the end of the discussion you will benefit from the following:
● Clarity in direction to pursue a satisfied academic course for further education.
● A personalized Career Map on Career Options that suit You. Improved academic performance.
● Peace of Mind, as you are sure about long term career satisfaction.
● Gives a clear picture to know oneself so that you play on your strengths to gain Competitive Career Advantage.

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