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Choosing the Right Engineering Branch

As you know, Engineering is a 4-year long degree program involving rigorous theory, practicals and complex & challenging courses in each semester/year. Also coupled with these are the regular classes and a host of other academic and non-academic activities like assignments, projects, electives, seminars, contests, conferences, corporate interactions and so on. Most important among them are internships and campus interviews for which you get selected after enormous efforts – from getting a company to agree to come to your campus, to cracking the selection processes of visiting companies. It doesn’t end there. The real challenge is in applying the knowledge you gained on ‘on-the-job performance’.

Engineering Vs non-Engineering?

Imagine, you realizing after spending 3-4 semesters that you entered a wrong field! You realize that Engineering and Technology is not your passion. You don’t enjoy numbers, mathematics, equations and the principles of science behind the technology. The life is not going to be easy after that. Many of the engineering students have a large number of backlogs and low marks in many subjects. This results in depression, and in extreme cases, even suicidal tendencies.

Even if you pass the degree somehow, you may not enjoy the engineering job…which will hamper your career growth and make your career graph go southwards, resulting in frustration, irritation, stress and burnout.

Electronics Or Mechanical Engineering . . . Computer Science Or Automobile Engineering?

But the matter doesn’t end with Engineering or non-Engineering alone. Within Engineering, also every discipline requires you to have certain (specific) abilities. For example, Electronics & Telecom requires different type of aptitude than that for Mechanical Engineering (intelligence as per the theory of multiple intelligences).

In other words, you may have aptitude and interest for being a successful Automobile Engineer but you have chosen Computer Science or Information Technology (IT). You can imagine, how different is the job of an Automobile Engineer (say design, production or maintenance) when compared to a Programmer or a Software Developer. You may get a job and you may survive earning a good amount of money with your hard work, but you will surely not enjoy your 8-hrs at work. You will not spend those extra hours in office which you could have spent if you had a passion for that work. Remember that in today’s competitive and knowledge-driven world ‘success in career’ means ‘mastery in your chosen field’. This mastery is achieved when ‘your passion – aptitude, personality and interest – match with the ‘job/role’ you are doing.

Remember, the Damage is Tremendous . . . if You Do Not Take this Small Step!
You are spending close to 4000 hours in college attending classes and at least 1500 hrs at home dealing with various subjects – leave the high college fee and other expenses aside. You spend close to 30 years in a job based on your degree. Many students, who realize this, somehow pass the degree do not get job for many months. They try to shape their career through an ‘MBA route’. Again a new journey . . .new challenges and more money to spend. Most students choose a wrong specialization because they decide this based on peer pressure, acquainted influence (uncle or neighbor), self perception or placement records of the college. In many cases, students realize their mistakes after spending 3-4 years in a particular role, in which case the damage done is tremendous and irreversible. Since you are going through our website and might not make such mistake . . .

What we Offer
Loratis Institute offers a career service to help you choose the Right Specialization through Scientific Assessment and Personalized Counseling.

This service provides a report that depicts fitment (compatibility) of the student with qualities that are desired in a particular specialization. In this report, the fitment is checked for all the specializations. Our career expert discusses this report with you one-on-one to clarify all doubts that have and helps you plan your career for bigger success and happiness. Various specializations for which this fitment is checked.

Steps involve:
Administration of battery of scientific tests Preparation of an assessment reports: A set of reports are generated after the tests and studied by our expert, One-2-One Counseling Meetings: The reports and its findings are discussed with you and your parents (in a 1-on-1 personalized meeting) to explain what it means and to help you take a Right Decision about your next course of action. With this, you have taken the first important step in your career towards a successful and happy life. The efforts you are going to put to pursue your academic course are now in the right direction. Cheers!

Expected Outcome: At the end of the discussion you will benefit from the following:
● Clarity in direction to pursue a satisfied academic course for further education.
● A personalized Career Map on Career Options that suit You. Improved academic performance.
● Peace of Mind, as you are sure about long term career satisfaction.
● Gives a clear picture to know oneself so that you play on your strengths to gain Competitive Career Advantage.

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